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2022 Bach statt Krach

The year 2022 is characterized by the project "Bach statt Krach". Children from the Geschwenda Musical Primary School and the Marlishausen European School compose their own musical pieces at the Audanika. Marco Onofri, composer, violin, and voice teacher at the Arnstadt-Ilmenau Music School, arranges the works of the young composers into scores for orchestra.

The year 2022 is significantly characterized by the project "Bach statt Krach".

Finally, on July 10, 2022, the result will be presented at the Theater im Schlossgarten in Arnstadt: A total of fifty musicians, consisting of about twenty-five Audanika-playing children and about twenty-five orchestral musicians from the Arnstadt-Ilmenau Music School environment, perform the works thus created.

A total of fifty Audanika players and orchestral musicians make music together digitally and analogously in the Theater im Schlossgarten in Arnstadt.

Ermutigt durch die vielen positiven Erfahrungen aus dem vergangenen Jahr gründeten wir die »Bach statt Krach – Gesellschaft für musische Bildung mit digitalen Medien e. V.«. Under the umbrella of this registered association, we will in future realize non-profit research, educational and cultural projects relating to the use of digital media in the field of music education.