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2021 Audanika App

Gabriel fundamentally improves the concept of SoundPrism. The four SoundPrism apps (Pro, Standard, Link Edition, Elektro) will be replaced by a single app called "Audanika". On the Audanika, it is now also possible not only to play pure chord progressions but also to incorporate melodies into them at the same time. Unlike SoundPrism, Audanika is also available on Android devices. This came onto the market in April 2021.

Audanika was developed from scratch and, unlike SoundPrism, is also available on Android.

Gabriel is also taking a new strategic direction. In the future, the Audanika brand is expected to invest heavily in the next generation, in addition to developing a professional MIDI controller. With the help of Audanika, we want to offer young people an intuitive approach to music.

Good relationships through making music together as well as empowering the future generation are the core goals of Audanika.