Bring Joy. Make Music.

Audanika for teens

Impress with music you play yourself.

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In a nutshell

Why play Audanika as a teenager?

  • You just got your first smartphone and want to stand out? Get Audanika and impress your friends with a Bach minuet played by you from the integrated song database.
  • You're all sitting around the campfire, and no one is saying anything? Take your smartphone and entertain everyone with a great live performance at Audanika.
  • Du möchtest der Liebe Deines Lebens sagen, was Du für sie empfindest? Mit der Audanika kannst Du wunderschöne Melodien komponieren und so Deinen eigenen Lovesong schreiben.
  • Are you and your friends bored right now? Why don't you spontaneously form a smartphone band and impress the passers-by with a cool performance?

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