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Audanika for producers

The MIDI controller for new ideas.

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In a nutshell

Why use Audanika as a music producer?

  • Audanika is a unique MIDI controller. Connect Audanika via USB MIDI to your synthesizers and plugins. On iOS, you can also control other synthesizer apps via Virtual Core MIDI or integrate Audanika as a MIDI source in DAWs like Cubase, Loopy Pro, or Garage Band.
  • Play melodic and chord sequences intuitively with just one finger. You can combine intuitively each of the triads displayed on Audanika with different diatonic scales.
  • Compose emotional melody and chord progressions with Audanika. Work specifically with tension and resolution chords. Voltage and resolution chords are visualized on Audanika in the form of light and dark fields.
  • Audanika allows you to create interesting music across keys. With Audanika you get a systematic overview of all major and minor keys as well as all diatonic scales.

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