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In a nutshell

Why give Audanika to the children?

  • Making music helps children calm down after a hard day at school. Making music has a preventive effect on violence and promotes personality development.
  • Children's mental, emotional, motor and social skills are trained.
  • Gib Deinem Kind einfach einen der Songs aus der Audanika Song-Datenbank und lass es sich sinnvoll beschäftigen.
  • Encourage your child to compose their own songs, improvise, or express their own feelings musically.

Why play as mom or dad Audanika?

  • Make music together with your child even without previous musical knowledge.
  • Choose one of the songs from the built-in song database. Have your child play the melody on the right side of Audanika. You accompany your child on the left side.
  • Spontaneously form a family band and prepare a performance, e.g. for grandma's next birthday.
  • Your child has started a new instrument? Join it on Audanika and encourage it to practice diligently.
  • Deine Kinder sind noch klein? Dann spiel ihnen doch vor dem ins Bett Gehen ein Gutenachtlied aus der Liederdatenbank vor.
  • Playfully train the harmonic and melodic hearing of your child.
  • Lay important foundations so that your child can later improvise and compose freely on his or her instrument.
  • Use Audanika's visual interface to teach your child important fundamentals of harmony at an early age.

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