Bring Joy. Make Music.

Audanika in occupational therapy

Overcoming motor hurdles by making music.

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In a nutshell

Why use Audanika as an occupational therapist?

  • Making music creates self-confidence and social participation.
  • Audanika is a musical instrument that is extremely easy to operate motor-wise. Play melodic and chord sequences intuitively with just one finger.
  • Thanks to large playing points, well-known songs can be played even without prior knowledge.
  • Train your patients' hand-eye-ear coordination in sequential levels of complexity.
  • Start by simply playing accompaniment chords with just one finger. Continue playing melodies.
  • Verbessere das motorische Niveau Deines Patienten bis hin zur gleichzeitigen Koordination mehrerer Finger bzw. beider Hände.

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