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Audanika for music schools

The digital bridge to the instrument.

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In a nutshell

Why use Audanika as a music school?

  • With the help of Audanika, music schools can offer musical group programs at elementary schools and daycare centers, thus discovering talent and attracting new students.
  • On traditional instruments, children can quickly get into the habit of incorrect playing techniques without professional supervision. When playing the Audanika, children cannot get into the habit of incorrect playing techniques for traditional instruments.
  • Parents can accompany their children with Audanika and thus motivate them to practice more and better.
  • Instrumental students acquire a systematic harmonic imagination through playing Audanika. Free playing by ear and improvisation are thereby favored.
  • Audanika enables music theory teachers to convey relationships in harmony clearly and practically.
  • Elementary music educators use Audanika to work harmonically and melodically with children as young as preschool.

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