Bring Joy. Make Music.

Audanika in the care of the elderly

Bringing back memories through making music.

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In a nutshell

Why use Audanika as a geriatric nurse?

  • By playing old familiar melodies from your youth, memories are awakened, and brain activities are strengthened. Making music creates self-confidence and social participation.
  • Making music is fun and strengthens social interaction. Emotions can be expressed and processed through music.
  • Audanika is a musical instrument that is extremely easy to operate motor-wise. With only one finger you can play well-known songs even without previous knowledge.
  • Thanks to large playing points, well-known songs can be played even without prior knowledge.
  • With Audanika, seniors can exercise their hand-eye-ear coordination and their mental skills in different levels of complexity which build on each other.
  • You will begin by simply playing accompaniment chords with just one finger. Sie verbessern ihr motorisches Niveau bis hin zur gleichzeitigen Verwendung mehrerer Finger bzw. beider Hände.

How you can help us

The song of my life

The following NDR documentary is an example of the positive impact of singing and making music in old age. Rainer Schumann, drummer of the band Fury in the Slaughterhouse, regularly visits people in nursing homes. He sings and makes music with them, bringing back to them "the happy moments of life almost forgotten".