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Audanika Christmas Trailer

Audanika round trip

Audanika as a Midi Controller

Die Audanika ist auch ein einzigartiger MIDI Controller. Über USB kann sie mit einer DAW verbunden werden. Schon bald steuerst Du Deine Synths mit der Audanika. Mit der Audanika hast du alle Tonarten im Überblick, Tonartwechsel, Ausweichungen etc? Alles kein Problem!

Audanika as a MIDI controller

The most important at a glance

  • Easy to play harmonies and melodies
  • Instrument optimized for touchscreens
  • Unique visualization of music theory
  • Suitable for collaborative music making
  • Developed at Fraunhofer IDMT and TU-Ilmenau
  • Awarded with the Thuringian Innovation Prize.
  • Supervised by Prof. Karlheinz Brandenburg
  • Encourages composition and improvisation
  • Connects people of all generations

Music schools

The digital bridge to the instrument

On July 10, 2022, about 50 musicians met, consisting of Audanika playing elementary school students and orchestra musicians from the surroundings of the music school Arnstadt-Ilmenau. The pilot project shows: Audanika paves the way for students to enter music school.

Music schools

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A Miracle of Music Theory

Audanika's patented sound system compresses music theory knowledge spanning several centuries on the screen of a smartphone or tablet. In Audanika maps the so-called step theory horizontally, and the function theory in the vertical direction.

Light and dark fields denote tension and relaxation chords, light and dark rows major and minor chords. Rows represent chords, columns melody tones. Parallel and opposite tones are below and above a certain line, respectively.


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